A team of great minds united by common goal and uncommon passion to make for easy accessible to all and sundry to be a pioneer inclusiveness word. Our mission is to become the first to reckon with in E-commerce and trade.

We are aware of our customer base hence offering categories including: electronics, cars, clothes, property, service, vacancies, babies and kids, health care.

The rationale of categorizing the service is purposeful to ensure the apogee of our client satisfaction, to ensure this; we set up a day free return policy, order deliverytracking, dedicated customer service and many other mouthwatering services.

We want to believe you will enjoy your experience with us as our main goal is to not just provide ease to your shopping experience but improved ways to make all of it worth it while offering unmatched experience.

Your feedback will be much appreciated so for any related questions, send us an email at………..gidigba.com

MOTIVE: toprovide the final solution to shopping issues so that our customer can buy and sell with relief.


  1. Register with your email and phone number. You can do it via Facebook or Google, make sure the phone number is correct.
  2. Take a picture of your product. Take a lot of photos of your product using your smart phone. Make sure they show your items clearly

  1. Do the following if you are Premium Customer
  • Choose a proper category
  • Upload your photos
  • Write a clear title and full description of your item
  • Enter a fair price
  • Send your advert for review
  1. Answer the message and calls from your clients. If everything goes well, your advert will be on Gidigba a couple of hours after sending moderation, notification will be sent when your advert goes live.


  1. Search for the item using the categories and filters
  2. Contact a seller. Use Gidigba chat or call via phone. Discuss the details, negotiate about the price.
  3. Take your item or order a delivery. We scrutinize our seller, but it is always advisable to do same. Meet the seller in a public place and be sure to pay only after collecting item.
  4. We take feedback at Gidigba very important. Feel free to tell us about your purchase. Your feedback will be published online as it will be very helpful for other buyers.


  1. We take security paramount. Hence, we said feedback is one of the ways to protect our esteemed clients from fraudulent sellers. You can report to us if you run into any problems with the seller, Gidigba team are always ready to act swiftly and report to the proper department.
  • Do not pay in advance even for the delivery
  • Meet at a safe public location
  • Double check the item before you buy it
  • Pay online after collecting them

Payment is secure and reliable on Gidigba, we accept both online and offline payments for these services. Notifications will be sent when payments go through and evidences will be required via e-mail.


To create a safe haven for buyers and sellers to sell almost anything with great relief and to make commerce better for everyone


To be a global store known for quality, transparency, efficiency and effective online services.