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What is AC3?


AC3 is a kind of file type that is primarily associated with ‘AC3 Audio File Format’ by Dolby Laboratories.
Dolby Surround Audio Coding-3 (AC3) is a 6-channel, audio file format by Dolby Laboratories that usually accompanies DVD viewing. It operates 5 channels for normal range speakers (20 to 20,000 Hz) and the 6th channel reserved for low-frequency (20 to 120Hz) sub-woofer operation.

Note: Human’s audible range of frequency is typically between 20Hz to 20kHz (that’s 20,000Hz) and this range is called sonic. Anything below the range is referred to as infrasonic whilst anything above is ultrasonic.

To check which audio codec your file is encoded with, see No audio or audio is distorted with DivX movie playback on a Mac for reference. Note: If your file is encoded with MPEG2 or AC3, see Missing Audio Codec for Mac for reference. If you open the file and there is no video. UFUSoft Blu-ray AC3 Audio Player is the best universal media player software for Mac OS X or Windows. It can works as a free AC3 player to play Dolby Surround. And for Mac users, you can follow similar steps to fulfill the Mac DivX to MP4 conversion as well. Step 1 Open the Divx video converter and import DivX file(s). The first thing you need to do is download a Windows video conversion software like the Wondershare UniConverter and install it on your computer.

Dolby ac3 codec divx free download - DivX, DivX Software Dolby Audio Edition for Mac, AC3 Codec, and many more programs. If you have the AC3 codec installed on your system you should see the 'AC3 Filter' listed there. Simply open the 'AC3 Filter' and from there you should be able to change the Master volume, and even the volume of individual channels such as the Voice channel. Common questions 5.1 What is a codec? The word codec is short for compressor/decompressor.

UFUSoft Blu-ray Player or Mac Blu-ray Player is the best-in-class universal media player software, supporting all Mac models (including iMac, Macbook Pro, Air, Mac mini, and Mac Pro) as well as popular Windows systems (such as Microsoft® Windows XP (SP2 or later), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10). Its universal performance also refers to all media formats of movie, video, audio, music, and picture, including Blu-ray Disc (BD), Blur-ray ISO files, and BDMV folders, UFUSoft Blu-ray Player can also play DVD VOB, VideoCD, MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MP4, MPEG, RMVB, MP3, WMA, AAC, AC3, etc. With DTS 5.1 supported, it can output audios of AC3 or other media formats at high level.


How to enjoy any AC3 on PC with this AC3 Media Player software? This step-by-step guide would show you the detailed information of playing AC3 audio with this software.

Ac3 For Mac Divx Download

Step 1: Free download and launch the program
Here you can free download UFUSoft AC3 Media Player and install it on your computer. And then launch the program to open the main interface.

Step 2: Open AC3 audio to the program
You can click “Open File” button in the main interface to select the AC3 audio file and add it to the program. Or you can click “File” drop-down button to select “Open File” option to open the audio file.

Step 3: Start to play AC3 audio with 5.1 channels
Well, after adding AC3 audio file, this program would start to play it automatically.


Step 4: Adjust the video effect as you like (Optional)
When you play AC3 audios, you can adjust the video and audio effect to get the perfect the audio visual effect. You can easily adjust the audio track, channel and device by opening the “Audio” drop-down button, and adjust the video track and screen size by opening the “Video” drop-down button. And even you are allowed to select the deinterlace type.

Ac3 For Mac Divx Codec

Step 5: Play the next AC3 audio
If you want to choose the next AC3 file to play, you can click “Stop” button to come back the main interface to open the next one.

Ac3 For Mac Divx Player


Ac3 For Mac Divx Software

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