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Google is committed to advancing racial equity for Black communities. See how.

Simplify your Android development, grow your user base, and monetize more effectively with Google services. Home Guides Reference Downloads APIs for Android; Home Guides Reference Downloads Google is committed to advancing racial equity for Black communities. The official site for Android app developers. Provides the Android SDK tools and API documentation. The only problem I always had with Mac and Android combo is not being able to transfer data between these devices fast enough. Thanks MacDroid for filling this gap. Overall rating 4.5. Based on 56 reviews. Manage data between Android and Mac computer. Android NDK is a comprehensive toolset specially made to help developers build parts of their Android applications by using native-code languages like C and C. A comprehensive native development kit for Android app developers. With the help of Android Native Development Kit, you’ll.

Android 11 is here!

Android 11 is now officially available to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and on its way to users! Get your apps ready for this new version of Android!

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The new series brings the latest insights and discussion from industry experts and guests from leading apps and games businesses. Hear their stories and thoughts on some big topics such as app-based learning and pivoting in times of crisis, raising awareness of climate change in gaming, product inclusivity, building quality apps with Firebase, how to go from PC to mobile gaming, and much more.

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Check out our latest series, Modern Android Development (MAD) Skills, with videos and articles we’re creating to teach you how to use the latest technologies of Modern Android Development to create better applications more easily.

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Whether you're an experienced developer or creating your first Android app, here are some resources to get you started.

Android Studio

Android Studio provides the fastest tools for building apps on every type of Android device

Developer guides

Find training classes that describe how to accomplish a specific task with code samples you can re-use in your app
Jump-start your development using these sample projects
Verify your app’s behavior and usability before you release
Android Developers For Mac
Build a high quality app with these design and behavior guidelines

Material Design

Android apps are designed using the Material Design guidelines. These guidelines provide everything you need to know about how to design your app, from the user experience flow to visual design, motion, fonts, and more.

Wear OS

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Chrome OS


Android Developer Site

Android NDK

Google services for Android

Take advantage of the latest Google technologies through a single set of APIs for Android, delivered across Android devices worldwide as part of Google Play services.

Start by setting up the Google Play services library, then build with the APIs for services such as Google Maps, Firebase, Google Cast, Google AdMob, and much more.

Google offers this official Android app development kit for free, it includes a series of drivers, tools and different resources needed to develop apps for the Android mobile operating system, or to run certain desktop apps. Even though this SDK can also be obtained in the Developer Tools pack, where the IDE Eclipse is also included, it can also be downloaded independently.
Android SDK includes several tools to help you take your first steps programing for this platform, including API's brought to you by Google, both for control of the device's features and for integration of all services, apart from a debugger, an emulator for you to test the apps on your PC, and a huge amount of information for you to use when learning to program on Android using Java.
Android is a Linux-based kernel operating system that uses a virtual machine to run the apps, and offers support for all the usual features on modern devices, such as 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, touch screens, among others which are all now commonplace on any smartphone or tablet.

For Mac OS X 10.4.8 or above and equipped with an Intel chipset.