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Digital Color Meter. Let’s start with the basics. You can easily access the built-in Digital Color Meter. The color picker for Mac that makes it easy to inspect, adjust, organize, and export precise color values of any pixel on the screen. Try ColorSnapper For Free. Or purchase a license Works on all macOS version starting 10.12. Invoke the magnifying glass using menu item or a. Peacock Color Picker – Match colors like a pro! With basic color picking features, Peacock Color.

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  4. Color Picker For Mac Free

Want that particular shade of color which seems to unavailable anywhere else? Pick up the color from our desktop easily using a color picker tool. Here is a list of top 10 color picker software download.



There is color picker software for Mac, color picker software for Ubuntu, color picker software for Windows 8 as well as color picker software Windows 7 free download.

1. Peacock Color Picker – Match colors like a pro!

With basic color picking features, Peacock Color Picker by Reohix is an ideal option for finding matching colors – both professionals and home users will find this software useful.

  • User-friendly interface – sleek and attractive design
  • Color code given in various formats – HTML, Photoshop, Hexadecimal, Java, etc.
  • Lists characteristics of selected color in HSV, RGB, HSL and CMYK.

2. Color Seizer – Handy color picker software

Color seizer is a simple color picker software that allows you to capture color from any pixel on your screen.

  • 100% free – no premium packages or upgrades
  • Provides color codes of the picked color in RGB, HTML, HSL, C++, Delphi, and VB
  • Use the color codes to find an exact matching color
  • Mix your own color option
  • Copy color code to clipboard

3. Pixie – Pixie-sized color picker software!

No need for a color wheel ever again, now that this small color picking tool is here to save the day!

  • Includes mouse tracker – simply point to a color, while the program is running
  • Color codes available in Hex, RGB, HTML, HSV or CMYK
  • Magnify a selected area 32×32 to pick a color from a pixel
  • Displays X-Y co-ordinates of the selected pixel

4. Absolute Color Picker – Your absolute answer to color picking problems!

Grab a color of choice from the screen and do much more with Absolute Color Picker software – absolutely free!

  • Based on Absolute Color Picker ActiveX Control
  • Select and pick colors by various color models
  • Convert selected colors into HTML-based Hexadecimal representation
  • Color scheme generator, screen color grabber and color history builder provided
  • Compatible with most graphic packages

5. Color Detector – Detect colors fast and free!

Solve your color questions with this nifty color picker software by Cosmin Software.

  • Simple user interface – ideal for beginners
  • Point at a color or pixel on the screen with the mouse for color code
  • Color codes shown in RGB, HTML, and Hexadecimal – as well as the English name of the color
  • Copy HTML code on the clipboard

6. ColorPic – Easily pick any color from the screen

This software comes with a magnifier to make your color picking task that much easier!

  • No spyware or adware – 100% free
  • Adjust hue, saturation, etc.
  • Magnifier provided – pick a color easily from a high resolution screen
  • Resizable magnification area
  • Save multiple palettes automatically
  • Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black percentages shown
  • Overlay a grid for quick colorpick alignment

7. ColorSchemer ColorPix – Useful little color picking tool

Grab a pixel from your screen with the mouse pointer with this color picking software – it is 100% free!

  • Transform picked color into different color formats
  • Built-in magnifier to zoom in and grab a pixel – control zoom percentage up to 1600%
  • Copy color value onto clipboard
  • Instantly shows color and color value of the color you point at

8. Quick HTML Color Picker – As quick as it gets!

This free Windows color picker tool will become your favorite tool to solve your color queries in a jiffy!

Color picker for mac free
  • Pick any color from the screen easily
  • Use mouse or keyboard to find and pick desired color from screen
  • Color codes displayed in RGB and HTML
  • Save HTML color value onto clipboard
  • Con – can’t edit numeric or HTML color fields

9. Screen Color Picker – Simple tool for picking color

This is a no-frills software by 2XDSoft, grabbing pixels and displaying codes – ideal for home users or for quick reference for professionals.

  • Hold your mouse over a desired color and press enter to pick that color
  • Displays RGB, HSB, Hexadecimal and GML color codes
  • Copy color codes onto the clipboard
  • Color palette for 4 colors
  • Color correction available

10. Color Archiver – Your digital color diary!

This multi-utility free Windows software can double as your color diary as well as a handy color picker – excellent web developers!

Mac Screen Color Picker

  • Built-in magnifier – 1X-16X
  • Pre-loaded web color table + a color table to save your colors
  • Save every color with a user-defined name – find your favorite colors easily
  • HexConv available- for number base conversion and ASCII character conversion

11. Color Spy

Color Picker For Mac

12. ColorBug

Color Picker For Microsoft Edge

13. Instant Eyedropper


Armed with these top 10 color picker tools, you can be sure that you never miss another favorite color ever again – and all this completely free of charge!


Color Picker For Mac Free

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