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The Microsoft DirectX® End-User Runtime installs a number of runtime libraries from the legacy DirectX SDK for some games that use D3DX9, D3DX10, D3DX11, XAudio 2.7, XInput 1.3, XACT, and/or Managed DirectX 1.1. Note that this package does not modify the DirectX Runtime installed on your Windows OS in. Mar 10, 2009 #DirectX 10#CrossOver#Linux#Mac OS X#Windows Vista hot right now If the Microsoft Surface Duo Breaks Down, It’s Pretty Much Dead, Teardown Shows: Surface Duo given 2 out of 10 repairability score.

Directx 9 For Mac Os X High Sierra

DirectX is a suite of multimedia technologies required by many Windows games. If your PC doesn't have the right version of DirectX installed (the product box should tell you which one you need), your game might not work properly.

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Follow these steps to use the DirectX Diagnostic Tool to check your DirectX version:

Directx 9 For Mac Os XDirectx 9 For Mac Os X
  1. In the search box on the toolbar, enter dxdiag. Then select dxdiag Run command.

  2. In the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, select the System tab, then check the DirectX version under System Information.

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Note: The first time you use the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, you might be asked whether you want to check if your drivers are digitally signed. We recommend that you select Yes to help ensure that your drivers have been signed by a publisher that has verified their authenticity.