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DivX Plus Player provides everything you need for a true HD experience on your computer. Now, in addition to playing your.divx video files and the.avi files encoded with the DivX Codec, DivX Plus Player can play most other popular file formats such. DivX Plus® Player is optimized for a stunning HD video playback experience. Watch high-quality DivX (.avi and.divx), DivX Plus (.mkv) and other popular video formats on your PC. Easily transfer.

All you need to know about DivX Software for world class entertainment


DivX Software is a must have if you are a lover of high-quality entertainment. The fact that these software tools are loaded with amazing features makes them the best choice for playing, streaming and creating videos in any format. The software packages are capable of compressing long video to short files thus enhancing playback and computer performance.

  • DVD to ZUNE Converter Software

These software packages are designed to work efficiently on major operating systems like Windows and MAC to provide any user a spectacular video viewing experience. The DivX software, free download are easily available online.



This is a powerful and award winning software that lets you stream, create and play your favourite content. The software is available for both MAC and Windows operating systems. The DivX player lets you play videos in high quality up to 4K, supports conversion of videos to formats such as DivX, HEVC, MKV and MP4. DivX player latest version is available online for download.

DivX Movies

DivX players enables you to download various video playing software such as Windows Media Player v11.0, Media Player Classic v6.4.9.0 (Windows XP/ 2000), Media Player Classic v6.4.9.0 (Windows ME/98) and BS Player v1.37. All these video players are packed with powerful features that essentially let you play video in high quality. The players support all popular video formats.

DivX Accelerated

Powerful software with advanced features that lets you experience and enjoy high-quality DivX video viewing. It enables low usage of CPU thus resulting high-quality video playback. It improves complete computer operation, extends the battery life of devices such as notebooks, laptops etc. With reduced CPU usage one can multi-task on computer effectively.

Blu-ray Player

Especially designed for MAC OS X, the software is enriched with powerful features that let you enjoy protected Blu-Ray movies, online movies, ISO etc easily. The software lets you have a free control over BD Playback. The software allows you to play standard Blu-ray folder, Blu-ray Movie discs, Blu-ray ISO etc, it also can be used as Mac DVD player, photo viewer, Mac media player, audio player etc

Miro for Windows

Miro supports almost all video formats to be played high-quality on big or very large displays. The supported video formats include windows media, MPEG, AVI, QuickTime, DivX and many more. It has features that let you resume your videos from the last played section; it has a beautiful and easy to use interface that enables easy video viewing.


VLC player lets you play almost all video file formats. It has advanced subtitle and video synchronization tools. It lets you play files, stream videos, webcams, Discs and devices. The software does not have any spyware, does not includes ads and also do not support user-tracking. The software enables fast and efficient hardware decoding process.

UM Player

Divx Plus Web Player

The player is packed with amazing features that lets you pay almost all video file formats. It can also play audio CDs, Radio cards, YouTube, (S)VCDs, TC cards and SHOUT cast streams and much more. The player also lets you play damaged files or incomplete files. The software has all the advanced features but still the interface is simple to use.

SM Player

The software lets you play all video as well audio file formats. The media player has all built-in codes for smooth viewing experience. The best feature of the software is that it remembers the settings of the files you ever played in the player. It also enables you to resume videos from the point you last played.

What is DivX software?

DivX software tools are best when it comes to magnifying the overall video viewing experience with the amazing features they offer. These softwares are mostly a combination of conversion software as well as video players that let you watch and play video in any format. Most of the DivX softwares are equipped to work effectively with popular operating systems like Mac and Windows to give you high-quality entertainment. These software packages also work as media server letting you stream online content easily and good quality. The software applications give you the power of creating, streaming and playing all your favourite content in ultra HD/up to 4K. Although DivX Software download is free but the pro version needs purchasing

DivX pro download tools have advanced features like DFX Audio Enhancer, DTS-HD Plug-in, Dolby Audio and much more to magnify your entertainment. One can play their favorite videos on any device and anywhere through DivX software tools.

How to install DivX software?

One can easily download and install DivX softwares available online through simple steps. The download is available for both Mac and Widows operating system. Just clicking on the ‘download’ button starts the process but if it does not, you have the option of manual download too. Just click on the ‘Start download here’ on the websites and your download shall begin. Once the software is downloaded one can open the folder an install the software and start exploring its features. The installation process may vary for different operating systems but the process isn’t very difficult to follow. Just follow the steps and you should have the software ready to use.

Benefits of using DivX Softwares:

These softwares have been especially designed for users who wish to view high-quality videos smoothly. DivX software applications let you convert and play videos in various file formats enhancing you viewing experience. The lengthy video can be compressed to small size files making them smooth for playback. These software tools come along with converter, media server and a player which make them one stop solution for all your entertainment needs.
DivX software files are best suited for individuals who wish to watch their favourite video content anytime anywhere in best quality. Most of the software options come in a standard and a pro version. The Standard versions include video player, media server, converter and web player but the pro version is loaded with many other features inclusive of the standard version’s features. The pro version enables you to trim videos, still capture from videos, Dolby audio, DTS-HD plug-in and much more. The pro version is completely ad free.

DivX Plus: The best software especially for Windows operating system

DivX Plus Software 10.5.7 has been especially designed for Widows that is loaded with amazing features. It lets you enjoy video content in full HD on full screen without any loss of quality. The software has premium codes that lets you play any video and audio file format easily. The DivX Plus player download is available for free download.

DivX Plus

All Player: The best DivX Software for Android

All Player is amazing software that lets you play videos of various file formats on your mobile easily. The software supports subtitles and has voice recognition for subtitles that makes synchronization a lot easier. It supports all most all popular file formats such as DivX, XviD, MP3, and AVI, FLV, MP4, 3GP, MKV, M2TS, MPG, MPEG, RMVB, WMV, QuickTime, MOV, FLAC, APE etc.

All Player

QuickTime: Powerful DivX software for MAC

QuickTime works effectively for MAC operating system. The software has some amazing features that let you convert videos to wide range of formats. The software also acts as a video player that lets you play videos in high quality. QuickTime comes in standard and a pro version. The pro version enables you to edit and convert videos easily.


Want More! : List of great DivX softwares for all your entrainment needs

Some amazing DivX softwares that are loaded with powerful features to boost your entertainment include: Wondershare Video Converter, Any Video Converter, Movavi Video converter, Win X HD Video Converter, AVS Video Converter, Total Video Converter, AIseesoft Video Converter, Tipard Video Converter, Aimersoft Video Converter and many more available for free download. Most of the software have a separate trial and purchase pack.

Wondershare Video Converter: Most Popular DivX Software for 2016

Wondershare Video Converter is the winner of Gold Award of 2016. The software is packed with amazing features that lets you convert and play videos in different file formats, edit videos, transfer, download videos and do much more to enhance your video viewing experience. The interface is clean and very user friendly making it the best DivX software.

Wondershare Video Converter

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DivX is a media container format based on MPEG-4 standard. The DviX codec can compress video clips into small file sizes in pretty good image quality. Therefore, you can save video and audio files as the DivX format with little noticeable quality loss. To play DviX files everywhere, you can get your best DivX player software for playback here.

XviD is an open source MPEG-4 video codec distributed under the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL) on multiplatform. Thus, you can play XviD movies with an XviD player across all platforms. Though XviD is a lossy compression. It can keep sharp picture details without causing heavy quality loss.

Part 1: Top 10 DivX Player for PC and Mac

DviX and XviD formats look quite similar. If you pay attention to DviX VS XviD, you can find many differences varies from privacy to compatibility. To play DviX, XviD and other popular video formats on PC, you can turn to Blu-ray Master Free Blu-ray Player for help. Obviously, you can also play any Blu-ray and DVD disc as its name shows. The intuitive interface and customizable visual-audio effects can also bring you full pleasure.

  • 1. Play almost all popular videos, including DivX, XviD, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, etc.
  • 2. Watch any homemade and commercial Blu-ray and DVD discs with 100% image quality.
  • 3. Choose from full, half, normal and double screen size.
  • 4. Apply video effects including hue, brightness, contrast, saturation and Gamma.
  • 5. Work with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP.

Download and install the free DviX player on the PC. Click “Open File” to import your DivX video. Well, you can insert a Blu-ray/DVD disc and click “Open Disc” to load the disc content if necessary.

Step 2

After choosing the DivX file, it will start to play the video automatically. You can click “Fast forward” or “Fast backward” icons to skip unwanted part quickly. If you want to take a screenshot, you can click the camera-like “Screenshot” icon near the bottom.

Click “Video” to switch to a proper screen size. Moreover, you can adjust visual effects with easy-to-use parameters. Click “Reset” to confirm and move on.

If you want to get more information about DivX player for PC and Mac, you can check the complete table below. These are best free DivX and XviD player for Windows 10 and Mac software.

DivX PlayerOSDownload linkFeatures
Free Blu-ray PlayerWindowshttps://download.bluraycopys.com/free-blu-ray-player.exe

1. Free to play Blu-ray, DVD, general video and audio with zero quality loss.

2. Offer an intuitive interface with various adjustable visual effects.

VLC Media playerWindows, Machttps://www.videolan.org/vlc/

1. VLC DivX player freeware can play XviD videos on multiplatform.

2. Have built-in video editing features.

MVS PlayerWindowshttps://www.malavida.com/en/soft/mvs-player/

1. The Windows-based DivX player can play videos with main integrated video codes, like DivX, XviD, MPEG, MP4, AVI, etc.

2. Support to play up to twelve video tracks at the same time.

KM PlayerWindows, Machttp://www.kmplayer.com/

1. Allow users to watch high quality movies with video and audio effects.

2. The XviD video codec player can increase the playback speed in clicks.

Free XviD PlayerWindowshttps://free-xvid-player.en.softonic.com/

1. Free XviD Player is made for XviD movies without any codec packs on Windows 7/Vista/XP.

2. The XviD video codec player can play XviD files for free only.

XUL PlayerWindowshttp://xulplayer.sourceforge.net/

1. It is an open source DivX and XviD video player.

2. The standalone DivX player for Windows offers a dual-player mode.

GOM PlayerWindows, Machttps://www.gomlab.com/gomplayer-media-player/

1. The free DivX player for Mac and Windows integrates DivX, XviD and other popular video codes.

2. Search and sync subtitles for the streaming movie automatically.

QuickTime PlayerWindows, Machttps://support.apple.com/kb/DL837?locale=et_EE

1. QuickTime Player is the default media player for Mac. You can play XviD and DivX video files on PC with QuickTime Player for free too.

2. The DivX player needs to be upgraded to the Pro version to get more features.

DivX PlayerWindows, Machttps://www.divx.com/

1. Play, create and cast your favorite videos in DivX, AVI, MKV, and HEVC up to 4K.

2. The DivX Player free version provides limited playback features.

Windows Media PlayerWindows, Machttps://formac.informer.com/windows-media-player

1. The free DivX player can play multimedia files, including DviX and XviD files.

2. Offer a clean and simple interface.

Part 2: Top 5 DivX Player for Android and iPhone


Then how about DivX Player apps for iOS and Android devices? If you want to play DivX movies on your phone, you can get your best DivX player for Android or iPhone here.

DivX PlayerPlatformDownload linkFeatures
BS PlayerAndroidhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bsplayer.bspandroid.free&hl=en

1. BSPlayer free XviD video codec player for Android supports various video and audio formats, like XviD, MKV, MOV, MTS, etc.

2. Get background playback in popup window.

Mobo PlayerAndroidhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.clov4r.android.nil.noplug&hl=en

1. The DivX player for Android allows users to watch videos in various formats without conversion.

2. Support multi-audio streams and multi-subtitles playlists.


1. It is a full HD XviD player app optimized for the latest iPhone and iPad.

2. Transfer XviD files between iOS devices.

Flex PlayeriOShttps://apps.apple.com/in/app/flex-player-video-player-for/id451024857

1. The application can play XviD, DivX, MOV, MP4 and multiple video formats on iPhone, iPad and iPod.

2. The DivX Player enables users to watch and download video and audio files in different qualities.

RockPlayer 2Androidhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jbl.rock.musicplayer

1. It is a powerful DivX video player for all Android phones and tablets.

2. Play 720p, 1080p FullHD and 2K/4K UltraHD videos on Android fluently.

Divx Converter For Mac

These are latest DivX player software that you can play DivX movies on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android freely. By the way, you can also enjoy XviD video files with the above programs. As for the best DivX Player for PC, Free Blu-ray Player is the first choice for both beginners and experts. You can play almost all discs and HD videos smoothly and effortlessly. Well, you can get good user experiences from other DivX players too. If you have any suggestions or questions, you can feel free and leave messages below.

Part 3. FAQs of Free DivX/XviD Video Player

1. Is DivX still used?

Divx Plus Web Player For Mac

Yes. DivX is a brand of video codec that can compress lengthy video segments into small sizes while maintaining high quality. It is used to store high-quality video with high resolution up to 1080 HD.

Divx Plus Player

2. Do I need DivX on my computer?

Free Download Divx Player

DivX is a video codec. You can use some open source players like VLC to play the video that are encoded with DivX format. If you don’t have any player, you may not need it.

Divx Plus Player For Mac

3. Which player can play DivX files?

Divx Plus Player Free Download

You can play DivX file with Blu-ray Master Free Blu-ray Player, VLC Media Player, MVS Player, GOM Player, QuickTime Player and DivX Player on Windows and Mac, Mobo Player and RockPlayer 2 on Android, and Flex Player on iPhone.