Download Free Music Videos For Mac

If you are looking to download free MP4 music videos to your local hard drive, then you need to have a list of sites where you can find MP4 videos from. We know that it is very difficult to find such websites so we have collected them for you. The websites that you can download (and share) an abundance of MP4 videos from include YouTube, DailyMotion, Break, Metacafe, and Veoh. Now, that you know where to access free MP4 music from, let us take a look at how you can download this music via iTube Studio.

  • Lots of ways to browse for music downloads. Lets you stream music, too.
  • Download videos for free. A tool that lets you download videos from facebook, instagram, soundcloud and many other sites for free.
Download Free Music Videos For Mac

Download Music For Mac

Ultimate Tool to Download MP4 Music

IMusic: The imusic is the music downloader for macOS 10.12 Sierra that will give you a chance to.

iTube Studio is a wonderful all-in-one multimedia tool that will take care of all your problems and make life much easier for you. It is a powerful and reliable MP4 music video doenloader that allows you to download videos and audio from the all the leading video-audio sharing websites (including the ones that we have mentioned above). The interface of the tool is beautifully designed and it can be easily understood and used by even the most novice of users. Not just this but the tool has the ability to download, convert, transfer, and record music videos all with a single click from a single dashboard! Never again will you have to look for separate tools for downloading videos, converting videos, and transferring videos to your smartphone because iTube Studio is the complete package that provides all of these!

Key Features of iTube Studio - Best MP4 Music Video Downlaoder:

Download Free Music Videos For Mac Os

  • Download MP4 music videos
    With iTube Studio, you can download the music videos that you love watching and listening directly from the video’s source website.
  • Convert MP4 videos to other format
    If you love a music video that is not in the MP4 format then there is nothing to worry about! The convert tool allows you to convert downloaded videos in a vast variety of audio and video formats including MP4 which will allow you to save your favorite videos in the right format each time!
  • Transfer videos to iOS and Android
    If you want to keep your smartphone (whether iPhone or Android) and videos in sync then this feature will come in quite handy. You can directly transfer all the MP4 music videos on your computer system to your iOS or Android device (and vice versa) with a single click on the iTube Studio dashboard.
  • Multimedia player
    Unlike most of the music video downloaders out there, iTube Studio has a built-in multimedia player with it. This means that there is no need for opening up a different tool just for checking if the video has downloaded correctly! You can preview your downloaded and converted music videos right from this MP4 music video downloader dashboard.

Step-By-Step Guide To Download MP4 Music Video

Here is how you can download MP4 music video using the incredible iTube Studio tool:

Time Required:

Very fast (Variable depending on the video file size)

Option 1: Download MP4 Music Video in Browser

Once you install the iTube Studio video downloader, the extension for the tool will directly be installed in Firefox and Safari. Launch the browser of your choice and go to the website that you wish to download the MP4 videos from. Open the music video that you wish to download and you will be able to see a ‘Download’ button on the top left hand corner of the video. Click on it and select the video resolution (at which you wish to download) and the downloading will begin automatically.

Option 2: Download via URL

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Open the music video that you wish to download and copy the URL of the MP4 music video. In the primary window of iTube Studio, you will be able to see an option for ‘Paste URL’ on the top left hand of your screen. Click on this option and your download will begin automatically.

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Notes: Download via Built-In Browser. If you do not find the above methods appropriate, then you can even download the MP4 music video from the built-in browser that can be found in iTube Studio. On the left hand panel of iTube Studio, click on the tab that reads ‘Online’. You will now be able to see a browser in your main window of iTube Studio. From here, navigate to the website and music video that you wish to download. Finally, click on the ‘Download’ button below the window and choose the video resolution to save the MP4 music video on your computer system!