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        How TO Set Up Your Store

         Sign up, Register as a vendor, with your email, you will get an automated generated password from your email and then go back to login and change your password from your “Account details”

        Set up your store. Click let’s go. Put in your necessary details such as store logo., Banner, e.t.c., then click continue

        *Payment setup, continue to

        *Policy setup, continue to

        *Support setup(customer support), continue to

        *Store SEO set up (Facebook, Twitter setup)

        *Store social setup(Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)

        *Almost ready: Go to your dashboard and start to add your products or you go to “how to use dashboard”? Go to dashboard and start selling by adding your products. Click on products by the left corner, click “add new” and upload good and clear images of your product. Describe your product and submit for product Review. In some hours your product will be hosted in our site. Note: if your product image is not up to our standard it will not be hosted. Thank you for choosing Gidigba.com.

        NOTE: Please Do Not Input Your Account Information On The Payment Option As The Payment Option Is Still Under Construction..

        You can deal directly with Clients Through their contact information. 

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        Reach us by email any time! We’ll do our best to respond as quickly as possible.
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