Google Tools For Mac

Google Tools For Mac

Google created OR-Tools in C++, but you can also use it with Python, Java, or C# (on the .NET platform).

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Install OR-Tools for Python

Google Tools For Mac

The fastest way to get OR-Tools is to install the Python binary version. If you already have Python (version 3.6+ on Linux, or 3.6+ on Mac OS or Windows), and the Python package manager PIP, you can install OR-Tools as follows:

After the installation is complete, you are ready to get started with OR-Tools for Python.

To install OR-Tools for another language or from source, see the next section.

Installation instructions for all supported languages

For instructions on installing OR-Tools, as well as the required prerequisites, click one of the links below:

Download OR-Tools

If you're already familiar with installing OR-Tools and just want to download the latest version,you can get it either from a binary distribution or thesource files.

If you plan to use a third-party solver with OR-Tools, you need to install OR-tools from the source files.

If you need to install an older version, the OR-Tools release page has links to downloads for past releases.

Binary distributions

Below are links to the OR-Tools binary distributions by language and platform.


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The easiest way to install OR-Tools for Python is from the command line,as shown above.However, if you prefer,you can install OR-Tools from one of the Pythonwheel files.

C++, Java or C#

  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows


  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows

Source files

To get the source files for the latest release of OR-Tools, you can either:

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  • Download them in atar.gz orzip file.
  • Clone them from the OR-Tools repository on GitHub.