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. Your files from Yandex.Disk can also be attached to your messages, not just documents and photos on your smartphone. After receiving a message with an attachment, you’ll immediately know what’s inside. For instance, if it’s an image, then you’ll see a small thumbnail of it appear next to the subject line of the message in the inbox. Yandex.Disk 3.0 for Windows. Yandex.Disk looks just like a regular folder. Your files don’t need to take up space on your computer – just mark which documents to save to the cloud and what to duplicate to your hard drive. You can also edit screenshots and make notes with the desktop program. May 22, 2020 Yandex.Disk for Windows This application was designed for Mac users who wish to create backups for their files on cloud service accounts. The program enables you to store up to 10GB of data on your Yandex account, provides you with a simple and quick way to sync files, and lets you share documents with other users.

Yandex.Disk looks like a regular folder on your computer. The files it contains don't have to take up any space. Just specify what you want to store in the cloud and what to duplicate on your hard drive.


Download Disk-O: Your cloud manager for macOS 10.10 or later and enjoy it on your Mac. ‎Store files in the cloud and not on your computer! Frees up space on your device Disk-O: works directly with your files: your documents are instantly updated on your cloud storage platforms, so that they do not take up space on your device memory.

You can also use the program to take and edit screenshots.

How to upload, share, and perform other actions with files in the program

How to download photos and videos to your computer from unlimited storage

How to increase storage space in Yandex.Disk and access Yandex.Disk Pro features

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Yandex Disk For Mac

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How to take and edit screenshots

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